NebulOuS General Assembly in Thessaloniki

This week, representatives of the project’s consortium came to the Greek Thessaloniki to participate in the NebulOuS General Assembly on 18th-19th of January. The two-day meeting of people involved in the project’s development was focused on relevant matters regarding the NebulOuS, such as framework architecture and long-term strategy. The meeting was hosted by South-East European […]

Making Sense of the Puzzle – presentation of NebulOuS and other Horizon Europe projects

Last month, December 7th, Yiannis Verginadis from ICCS, represented NebulOuS at the webinar organized by Eclipse IoT and CloudContinuum: IoT and Edge at Eclipse: Making Sense of the Puzzle. During the webinar, the Eclipse IoT and Edge open-source portfolio was presented, and a first architecture overview of the research projects involved in the CSA was shared. […]

NebulOuS project – Let’s get it started!

On September 1st, 2022 the consortium consisting of 16 European organizations officially started the implementation of NebulOuS – a Horizon Europe project, funded by the European Union. The shared goal of all 16 consortium partners is to create a novel meta-OS and platform for enabling transient fog brokerage ecosystems that seamlessly exploit edge and fog […]