D1.1 Ethics requirements, Scientific Quality Assurance & Risk Management Plan


María Navarro (EUT), Lluis Echeverría (EUT), Elżbieta Kalbarczyk (7BULLS)


A standard reference for all Project consortium members to enable successful collaborative work and delivery of high-quality Project results. The document entails the Project’s planning, implementation, and assessment procedures, as well as specific quality assurance and quality control activities to identify deviations during the execution of the Project and related recovery actions. This deliverable comprises the ethics methodology to be followed, according to the corresponding articles of the GA, defining the members of the ethical working group.

D1.2 Data Management Plan


Eloy Hernandez (EUT)


A report that includes the data management strategy enabling data sharing, data privacy and data ownership. The document outlines how data will be handled during the project, and even after the project is completed, describing what data will be collected, processed, or generated and following what methodology and standards, whether and how this data will be shared and/or made open, and how it will be curated and preserved. The document will be revised at M18 and M36.

D2.1 Requirements and Conceptual Architecture of the NebulOuS Meta-OS


Christos-Alexandros Sarros, Giannis Ledakis, Panagiotis Gouvas (UBI), Andreas Tsagkaropoulos, Dimitris Apostolou, Ioannis Patiniotakis, Yiannis
Verginadis (ICCS), Radosław Piliszek, Paweł Skrzypek (7bulls), Gregoris Savvas, Fotis Paraskevopoulos (EXZ), Ali Fahs (AE), David Llordes Palou, Robert Sanfeliu Prat, Mario Reyes de los Mozos (EUT), Evangelos Barmpas, Simeon Veloudis, Iraklis Paraskakis (SEERC), Amir Taherkordi, Rudolf Schlatte, Geir Horn (UiO), Cristina Hilario Gomez (TiD), Pedro Teixeira, Sofia Rosas (UW), Michal Klosinski (AF), Maria Karageorgiou (AUG), Moritz von Stietencron (BIBA), Amir Azimian (@FIRE)


Report on the current work in all the relevant research areas of NebulOuS project and capture of relevant requirements. Bird’s view on the general architecture of the system and should lay a foundation for the integration. Each component will be escribed through its functional and non-functional requirements.

D7.1 Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plans


Elżbieta Kalbarczyk (7bulls), Maria Navarro Abellán (EUT), Lluís Echeverria Rovira (EUT) Simeon Veloudis (SEERC), Yiannis Verginadis (ICCS), Ana Luísa Alves (F6S)


Joanna Makocka (F6S)


This document presents the initial dissemination, communication and exploitation plans of the NebulOuS project, including its identity, the channels and tools to be used, as well as the dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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